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We offer beer to go in both growlers and kegs. Hopefully soon we’ll offer it in other packaged sizes.  You can always pick up beer to go when our tap room is open (4-8 Thurs/Fri; 2-8 Sat).  Otherwise, we are usually available during regular business hours so please contact us to schedule a pick-up.


We offer prefilled growlers to go.  The selection can be found on our homepage under NWP growlers only.  These are prefilled so you will either need to purchase one of our pallas (2L jug; growler), or bring in your empty to exchange.

We will fill any growler (ours or a third party growler) from most selections on tap, however, we can ONLY do that when the tap room is open.


Yes, we also have kegs to go. You are free to use our equipment (tap and keg), but there will be a deposit required.  Because we have lost kegs to customers in the past, there is a $100 deposit on keg (and tap).  The deposit will be returned immediately with the return of the keg shell.  Please note, that this deposit does not cover our replacement cost/heartache. Kegs are our limiting equipment for production, which means every day a keg is not returned = less NW Peaks beer.  That is sad.  Please note that due to cost of production, the Challenger IPA is slightly more expensive, and some of the seasonals may have different pricing.


We have Half Barrels and sixth barrels. considering 1 Barrel = 31 gallons, it goes like this:

Half barrel, aka ‘keg’, is 15.5 gallons = 124 pints = $155 (160*) + tax.
sixth barrel, aka ‘sixtel’, is 5.16 gallons = ~41.5 pints = $70 (75*) + tax.
corny keg** is 5.0 gallons = 40 pints = $70 (75*) + tax.

** NW Peaks does not supply corny kegs.  If you have a kegerator and use corny kegs, we will fill them.  Our policy is that they need to arrive cleaned, sanitized and pressurized to ~10 psi (we won’t open them).  We will fill them with your beer of choice when we fill our own kegs and once filled they will be available for pickup.


Available in Half Barrel:
Redoubt Red
Eldorado Pale
Challenger IPA (* slightly higher pricing)
Other seasonals with higher production (in its season): Snowfield winter, Stuart stout, Ingalls ginger, etc.

Available in sixth barrel:
Redoubt Red
Eldorado Pale
Challenger IPA
Most of our recent mountainBeers (contact us for selections)

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