NW Peaks Brewery

Enchantment Ale, a saison

From the summit: Lower enchanment lakes with McClellan peak behind

The name. The mountain. The enchantments are a string of alpine lakes just outside of Leavenworth. Permits for camping here are arguably the most sought after permits in the area, with good reason. Enchantment Peak is one of the mountains that surround the valley. What sets this mountain apart is obviously the setting, not the climb. As a climb it’s a nice scramble from prussik pass, but atop, it gives a birds eye view of the enchantment basin below.

The beer. Enchantment ale is a saison, a style that is categorized as a ‘farmhouse ale.’  Indeed, there are (musty?) notes of straw and hay reminiscent of walking through a farm.  But these styles also have a nice fruity notes (apple and pear), with a slight perception of sweetness.  Using a cousin to the Belgian yeasts, these beers ferment dry and somewhat spicy.  Enchantment ale is a nice example of the basic style. We started with an average specific gravity but let it ferment very dry resulting in a higher alcohol content than most of our mountainBeers.  We also added some grains of paradise adding to the spicy complexity on top of the other defining characteristics. Simply enchanting.

Original gravity: 1.054.  Finishing gravity: 1.002. ABV 6.8% – enjoy with some friends over dinner.

Upper enchantments at sun down.