NW Peaks Brewery

Blewett smokey scottish ale.

Now available for the mountainBeers.

The name. The mountain. The entirety of the beer -the name and the character – is to commemorate the forest fires that wreaked havoc on Central and Eastern WA at the end of the summer.  Blewett pass resides on hwy 97 between Cle Elum and Leavenworth and was in the center of the fires which caused closures and poor air quality for the surrounding areas. When not in flames, the Blewett pass area offers great recreation opportunities whether it be hiking, biking, cross country skiing, or other winter sports; all in the shadow of the beautiful Stuart Range.

The beer. Like the name, the beer was designed to commemorate the WA fires of the summer.  The base is best described as an export strength Scottish ale: malty with a slight caramel note, very lightly hopped, and a 5.5% ABV. Scottish and scotch ales can have a slight smoke or peat character in them; however, it should usually come from the yeast used for fermentation. Instead, we used cherry smoked malt to add a noticeable smoke character on top of the base style. The Scottish ale offers a malty sweetness and caramel base that complements the nice, slightly more than subtle, smokey notes from the smoked malt.

Original gravity: 1.054.  Finishing gravity: 1.012. ABV 5.5%