NW Peaks Brewery

Maude’s mild

Mt Maude (rightt; 9082') and Seven fingered Jack (left; 9077') from Spider Meadows.

Mt Maude (rightt; 9082′) and Seven fingered Jack (left; 9077′) from Spider Meadows.

The name. The mountain. Mt Maude is one of the tall peaks that comprise the cirque where the Entiat river starts its seaward journey. Most backpackers and climbers will be more familiar with the views of Mt Maude from Spider Meadows, a beautiful hiking/backpacking destination in itself. As the 13th tallest mountain in the state, Mt Maude is no mild beast; the route up is arduous even if technically mild. It’s a nice scramble up 6,000 feet or so from the spider meadow trail via a well-maintained climbers trail and some easy talus.

The Beer.
Maude’s mild is our interpretation of a winter session beer. Milds are, by definition, a lower strength English inspired beers and Maude doesn’t venture from that.  We used malts that would add complexity to the beer and a combination of English hops and yeast to give it a nice, traditional base. The malts manifested in dark fruit characters in the beer (notes of prunes and raisins), which is the defining feature of this lower alcohol, easy drinking winter session beer.

Glacier Peak from the summit.