NW Peaks Brewery

Neve (Rye) Brown

Looking across the Neve glacier at Snowfield Peak Photo by MT Orr

The name. The Glacier.  The Neve glacier is the prominent glacier on Snowfield peak, and is the typical approach to the summit.  We therefore chose to lend it’s name to the companion to the Snowfield Winter this month.  The glacier extends from just below the col between Colonial Peak and the Pyramid trio to the summit block of pyramid.  The Neve is a nice, mellow glacier (in grade) with plenty of interesting features to avoid, just to make it somewhat exciting.  A nice excursion for those that want a long, difficult mountaineering experience, but nothing too “crazy”.

The Beer.We brewed this one in a similar vain as the Snowfield, hence the name. It has a pronounced chocolatey note with a significant malt backbone. However, we brewed this brown with 33% rye malts without a ton of hops (unlike the snowfield), so Neve is balanced by the rye character and not as much the hop character. This resulted in somewhat more of a creamy complexity compared to the Snowfield. Neve is also lighter in alcohol (but not body) at ~4.8% compared to he Snowfield (6.25%), but equally nice to drink on a cold, dark evening.