NW Peaks Brewery

Paul Bunyan’s Blackberry Honey Wheat

The trio from atop Colonial glacier (L to R: Paul Bunyan’s Stump, Pinnacle, and Pyramid)

Now available for the mountainBeers, with a name as interesting as the beer.

The name. The mountain. Paul Bunyan’s Stump is one of the trio of mountains (Pyramid pk and Pinnacle pk, the other two) just south of Diablo Lake.  The approach is arduous via the lackluster Pyramid Lake trail and climbers path.   However, once in the Colonial basin and above on the colonial glacier, the setting is gorgeous. HWY 20 remains far underneath you as a reminder of the work required to climb into the basin and a feeling of freedom above every day life. From the glacier Paul Bunyan’s Stump is a quick, but entertaining spicy class 3 scramble to big payout.

The beer. We wanted to change things up a bit and start taking advantage of the summer bounty.  We got some raw ingredients from local producers; honey from a CSA in Eugene and blackberries from Hayton Farm in Mt Vernon. The honey lightens the body, which complement the last bits of summer, and gives a nice delicate aroma and flavor.  However the most prominent flavor comes from the blackberries.  While by no means overpowering, the blackberries give a tart character to the beer but also adds a nice berry aroma and flavor.  When served cold, the tartness dominates but at 55 degrees the flavor of the berries comes through and blends well with the residual acidity.  Cold(er) or cooled, enjoy the beginnings of the harvest with this refreshing ale.

Original gravity: 1.050.  Finishing gravity: 1.008. ABV 5.5%