NW Peaks Brewery

Redoubt Red

Mt Redoubt from the SW / copper lake

The name. The mountain. Mt Redoubt is a fortress like massif almost as far north as you can go in the US. N of the Picket ranges and just W of Ross lake. Accessibility is limited to put it mildly. When we climbed Redoubt, we spent a day traveling into Canada and then a day hiking back into the US to Depot cirque, priming us for a day climb of Redoubt.

Redoubt has to be one of my (personally) prized mountains: It looks so massive, it is pretty isolated, and when I first laid eyes on it from copper ridge/Hannagan peak I thought I would never be able to get there. … And then finally getting there, with the feeling of being isolated with great friends, it was a great experience.

The “Style”.  What is a red? The only true red “style” is an Irish Red; however, Irish Reds are not a common place in the Pacific NW.  Rather, in the Pacific NW it is a category defined by the color, giving a brewery complete flexibility to for their interpretation.  Two reds from the region might have absolutely no similarity – other than the color – so loving one, might not mean loving them all.

The Beer.   Our interpretation brings you a nice ruby colored beer.  The aroma and flavor is dominated by the hops and is a nice blend of fruity and spicy notes (contrasting from the citrus notes of the Eldorado Pale and other NW Pales).  A slight residual sweetness and mouthfeel is present to support the hop character in Redoubt Red.  The result is nice, crisp, easy drinking red with a distinct hop profile that is sure to leave you wanting another.

ABV: 5.25%  Malts: ESB, Munich, Crystal, Wheat, Black.  Hops, Apollo, Liberty, Halertau, Columbus.  American ale yeast.

View from the summit into Depot Cirque. Base camp just right of center at the tiny looking lake.