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Dickerman Session Pale Ale … the Pilchuck series returns.

Part of the “pilchuck series,” Dickerman is located off the mountain loop hwy, and is pretty low in elevation, hence part of our session series (low ABV beers)… The Beer. Dickerman is single hop ale (Australian Summer). It is a crisp, light, hop forward beer that you can have a session of without killing your palate.

Chiwawa Chili Ale

Chiwawa is a chili blonde. Chiwawa is most easily seen from the gorgeous Lyman lakes area. The beer features New Mexican hatch chilli peppers (contributing more flavor than heat) on top of a light crisp blonde.

Luna Double IPA

The name. The mountain. Luna is the center mountain of the Northern Picket range, arguably the most remote and inaccessible are of the N Cascades (along with the S. Pickets). There really is no good approach; any choice involves a lengthy slog and bushwhack. For those that venture into the area, the rewards are worth […]

Colonial Common

The mountain: Colonial mountain is en route to Snowfield mountain (the namesake of our winter ale). It doesn’t reach into the top 100 highest Washington peaks, but that doesn’t detract from its beauty… The Beer. Colonial Common is a basic traditional representation of the style brewed with Northern Brewer hops with a basic malt backbone.

Chair Belgian Pale

Chair Pk is an intimidating mountain right off Snoqualmie pass. It heads the alpental valley and is a popular technical winter climb… The beer. Chair is Belgian style pale ale. We used the Ardennes™ yeast strain to introduce the typical fruity esters (banana) and spicy phenols (pepper) typical of Belgian beers with plenty of support from the NZ Saaz and Citra hop notes.

Granite Oat Ale

April brings another ‘adjunct’ beer to the mountainBeers. Granite ended light and dry with a subtle oat, silky mouthfeel. However, the featured character are the NZ hop varietals, which creates a great melon-like aroma in the finished beer.

Magic Brown

The mountain. Magic is situated right off of Cacade pass … one of the “must go to” areas of the N Cascades, with several options for continuing the trip, including over to Magic and it’s environs. The beer. Unlike the typical “brown,” we built this brown up to have some more residual malt character by adding some extra munich, caramunich, and other specialty malts, but keeping the overall alcohol content and roast character down.

Esmeralda Ale

The unique character in this beer comes from the addition of corn and molasses, A great beer with a unique sort of complexity. The story comes from the “tale of two experiences.” …our first batch with the new brewhouse was best described as a comedy of errors while our second time on the brewhouse went much smoother with no issues to report.

Early Morning Espresso Stout

Early Morning Spire is set in a magical location of the Eldorado, Inspiration, and Mcallister glaciers… The name derives itself from a group that had to bivy near the summit (cold, unprepared), which caused them to summit just after first light. What better of a beer style to have at first light than an espresso stout? … The Beer. A collaboration with Seattle Coffee works,The espresso flavor is at the forefront and really adds to the flavor and aroma of the beer, but brings in little acidity and astringency.

Stuart Stout

The mountain: Mt Stuart is the second tallest non-volcanic peak in WA and can be identified from nearly any high summit… The Beer. Stuart Stout a rich, medium-full bodied, deeply roasty interpretation of the style. A fine beer to drink anytime, but best enjoyed in front of a fire on a cold rainy winter evening.

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