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Esmeralda Ale

The name. The mountain. Esmeralda is located in the Teanaway River drainage just S of Ingalls peak and SW of Mt Stuart – one of our favorite areas. It’s on the other side of the Teanaway River from its beastly neighbors and is a much easier approach/climb than that of it’s neighbors. The “class 2″ […]

Stuart Stout

The mountain: Mt Stuart is the second tallest non-volcanic peak in WA and can be identified from nearly any high summit… The Beer. Stuart Stout a rich, medium-full bodied, deeply roasty interpretation of the style. A fine beer to drink anytime, but best enjoyed in front of a fire on a cold rainy winter evening.

Olallie Oatmeal Milk Stout

Just SE of Snoqualmie Pass and overlooks the PCT, Olallie is an mild peak sitting at just ~4450ft. Olallie Oatmeal Milk Stout is 2 styles combined into 1. A low ABV featuring a nice roast character with a great silkiness and subtle sweetness from the oats and lactose.

Kentucky Common

Corn grits make up 33% of the grains in the mash. They give a distinct grainy, corn character to the the beer. … one that easily identified in a lighter beer (4.7%). As are many Kentucky commons, we let the mash acidify/sour for a day which also gives a bright tartness / sourness to the beer.

Cascadia Shale Ale

A Seattle Sounders FC inspired beer, our Cascadia Dark Ale has a nice chocolate, Roast flavor with a generous amounts of NW Hops offering a nice citrus and pine hope aroma complementing the chocolate notes. At a calculated 74 IBUs, it is uniquely ‘Sounders,’ commemorating the year the club was founded.

Bandera Blonde

The mountain: Bandera is just off I-90, a great 3400′ jaunt for a half day or day trip. The Beer. Bandera Blonde is a light beer featuring a unique blend of hops that creates a great hop character on a basic malt backbone.

Snowfield (2014) Winter Ale

With a name like Snowfield, we couldn’t resist naming our winter beer after it, not to mention it’s one of a kind in the heart of the N Cascades. This winter, we pulled back on the crystal malts and hops and increased the chocolate malts resulting in a malty and rich chocolately winter beer balanced by the ever-present centennial hop flavor.

Spickard Spice

The name. The mountain. Spickard is juxtaposed to Mt Redoubt (the namesake for our red ale) and is a great alpine destination, although accessibility is limited to put it mildly. To get to Ouzel lake located at the base of Spickard, you have to travel through Canada and then hike back into the US to […]

Patterson Smoked Porter

The name. The mountain.  Located about 20 minutes west of Winthrop, WA, Patterson Mountain rises gently above Patterson Lake just outside the Sun Mountain Lodge resort. The area is popular with skiers and snowshoe enthusiasts in the winter and is a trail running destination in the summer. Patterson Mountain is a great destination year-round, but […]

Freshies! Cave Ridge Rye Pale and Phantom IPA

Fresh hops! It’s the only time in the year we get local fresh hops and get to put them into the beer straight off the vines! We got 2 varietals this year and made two beers with them. Fresh simcoe in the Cave Ridge Rye (pale ale), and fresh amarillo (and a little fresh simcoe) in the Phantom IPA.

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