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Green Lake Gobble – Sunday Nov 18th.

The Green Lake gobble is a thanksgiving tradition that you don’t want to miss! What abetter way to prepare for the ultimate glutenous holiday than walk, trot, or gobble around Greenlake! What makes the gobble better this year is that there will be beer at the end…. and you guessed it, the beer garden will […]

Help support a mountainBeer climber raising money for breast cancer research (at FHCRC)

We’ve had many questions about the pint glasses we use at the brewery; they have our logo and “Drink for the cure” with cool climbing sock monkeys.  “What is drink for a cure?” is the most common question. We hosted a fundraiser for breast cancer research at the FHCRC and the glasses were door prizes […]

NW Peaks Just Turned 1! Let’s PARTY!

When: Evening of Mon Dec 12th 6:00-9:00 (soft time)  Show up earlier or later to try the many brews on tap. Where: Naked City Brewery and Taphouse (NCB; 8564 Greenwood Ave N). What: A celebration of our existence!  NCB will be pouring 5 NW Peaks Brewery ales alongside many other tasty beverages (normal bar tabs). […]

Web issues (mostly) solved

* Update as of 2:30 11/16/11.  Our host notified us that they also found a hack and has taken extra safeguards as well.  All systems should be a go with the link from google and all other search engines linking to our clean site.  Feel free to contact us if you ever perceive another issue.  […]

Limited amount “CDA” available on Friday

From time to time we throw together some small batches and do sort of a controlled experiment — something very typical of homebrewers and a way to really learn how certain ingredients contribute to the flavor/qualities of a beer. When these small batches are complete, we’re going to sell them at base camp for you […]

NW Peaks opens “Base Camp”

For backfire this month we opened the patio just outside the brewery.  It was a success so we decided that we would try to open it regularly.  It is a fenced in area perfect for the rules and regulations of the state with perfect access for us.  The only obstacle was getting use from the […]

NW Peaks mountainBeers on tap at Flying Squirrel Pizza Company (Seward Park)

We are happy and proud to announce our first mountainBeer subscriber that won’t be getting growlers, but rather kegs. Yup, flying squirrel pizza company (FSPC) will be getting a keg of all of our mountainBeers to put on tap at their Seward Park location…

What’s happening at NWP – June

We are on tap at Naked City! Thanks to Naked City Brewery and Taphouse for putting us on!  We only gave them a sixth barrel of Ingalls Ginger (currently the most popular beer at the brewery) so expect it to blow before the end of the holiday weekend.  If you cannot come to the brewery, […]

NW Peaks on KUOW

KUOW’s Weekday just did a great segment today on WA beer, and specifically winter beers and the brewing community. They even came over to interview me while I brewed the Magic Brown! We find it surreal that we are now included in the pro-brewer community and the interview was worth a couple of cameos in […]

New (to us) chest freezer and food banks

So it’s been a while since we’ve written. We’ve been spending our time troubleshooting and fixing things instead of writing about it. One extremely important thing in the brewery is temperature control. This is true for both fermentation and serving/conditioning. Taking care of the latter is the easiest since all you really need is a […]

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