NW Peaks Brewery


TTB permit – Progress!

So after 2 months, I was getting slightly impatient since we hadn’t heard from the TTB. Last time it *only* took them a month.  So I got slightly impatient and decided to call to make sure everything was on track.  Here is how last week went: Monday – call the TTB phone number (note: ttb […]

WSLCB conditional approval!

On Monday, we just got an email with a nice letter in it: It’s only a conditional approval, but it’s definitely progress! What’s it conditional on?  1) meeting regarding tax laws (totally understandable), 2) a walk through of the facility (can be done!), and 3) my TTB permit.  Let’s get onto that TTB process!

Washington microbrewery license

Phone tag with the WSLCB continued this week but we finally connected for the interview process on Wed. More of an informational conversation than an interview. The investigator just asked me about such things as tied breweries/establishments, access to the brewery, tasting rooms, if there were any other owners, and some other questions so they […]

WSLCB phone tag

I was on vacation last week, during which time the WSLCB called me for a phone interview.  I have been trying to return their call this week and the voice mail still applies to the week of July 27th.  But hey, at least the process continues to move, albeit at a snail’s pace. In possibly […]

State of Washington red tape

Well, compared to the TTB, Washington’s process is much simpler to my surprise, since Alcohol is highly regulated here.  In fact, at some point we had to go through the liquor board to get denatured alcohol to use in the research labs at UW.    To initiate this process all I did was sign up […]

TTB permits

June 22nd, the permitting process began. It actually started before that, but it started again after I signed the lease to the current place in Ballard. Since I had done the paper work before, this time it was much more straight forward, although it sucked writing everything out again. I was kinda surprised as to […]