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December 9 – Open Mic Night – Trip Reports

Have an adventure you want to share? What trips would you like to brag about, laugh about, commiserate with other adventurers? It’s your turn to share your stories of classic climbs, gorgeous scenery, and epic fails with friends family and beer lovers alike. We are asking participants to share their 5-15 minute trip reports in a visual format (powerpoint, photoviewer) which should include a description of the area/route/activity, photography along the way, and any other ridiculousness that gets the point across. Owner/brewer/climber Kevin Klein will kick off the evening!

Kentucky Common

Corn grits make up 33% of the grains in the mash. They give a distinct grainy, corn character to the the beer. … one that easily identified in a lighter beer (4.7%). As are many Kentucky commons, we let the mash acidify/sour for a day which also gives a bright tartness / sourness to the beer.

June mountainBeers – Gose and Rye IPA

the Gose is a unique kind of sour beer. Together, all the flavors culminate in a well-balanced, refreshing summer time adult beverage. The rye IPA, with 30% rye features a spicy hop character to complement the rye, along with some pine and citrus.

Challenger IPA

The Name. Challenger is a great climb, with a long approach, fun glacier slogs, and a nice rock pitch at the end, in one of the most inaccessible locations in the N Cascades. The Beer. Challenger IPA is a nice drinkable hop forward IPA featuring citrus and stone fruits on a solid, medium bodied backbone.

TAP NW Peaks

Thursday Appreciation Pints @ NW Peaks has been ongoing since April of 2012. It’s our attempt bring a little exposure to non-profits, help their specific causes, and give back to the community/region that supports the brewery. For TAP NW Peaks, we will donate $1 to a non-profit for every pint (sample platter and growler fills […]

Limited amount “CDA” available on Friday

From time to time we throw together some small batches and do sort of a controlled experiment — something very typical of homebrewers and a way to really learn how certain ingredients contribute to the flavor/qualities of a beer. When these small batches are complete, we’re going to sell them at base camp for you […]


Homebrewers use carboys as their main fermenters.  This works nicely in that they are cheep and functional, even if they are a little extra work.  unfortunately they are not scalable and you need to work against gravity to move beer to and (more importantly) from them.  To get around this, the industry uses conical fermenters, […]

Hot room

I just wrote about refrigeration, and hopefully that is under control with the new freezer (controlled to cool to our specific temperature).  But more importantly, the little yeasties that ferment the beer and make 1) ethanol and 2) their favorite byproducts, require specific temperatures.  We hadn’t appreciated how cold it got in the brewery and […]

Please vote NO on inits 1100 and 1105

An upfront apology to bring any politics to this blog.  I’d much rather keep it NW peaks and beer centric.  However, after talking to a good friend of mine and respected brewer, I have a few things to say about the initiatives on the ballot.  I wanted said friend to write up his assessment.  After […]