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The shape and size of our growler (2L; 0.53 gal). Comes with a swing top.

Get a growler of all of our mountainBeers! By joining the NW Peaks mountainBeers, you get to enjoy at least one different style each month. mountainBeer subscribers are guaranteed their delicious growler before the new beer is made available to others. We release 2 beers each month and when you join you can purchase however many growlers per month you want. Buy 1 growler per month and choose either of the 2 styles. Buy 2 and get both. Buy 3 and double up on one of the styles. This is a great opportunity to broaden your palate with different styles of craft beer. Each month might not be your favorite style, but it is a great way to get introduced to all these different styles of tasty malty beverages!  Check our what we’ve served up the past many months!

Perfect as a gift!

Know a beer lover? Don’t know what to get someone for the holidays? Give a mountainBeers subscription as a gift! Let us know it is a gift by filling out this simple survey and we’ll take care of the rest! There will also be a link to the survey when you return to our site after payment.

How it works.

It is easy. Sign up for a duration (6 months, 12 months, etc), and get a growler (or two, or three, or …) each month when they become available. We will let you know what we make and when the growlers are ready. Then you just have to come to the brewery (Ballard area) and exchange your empty one for a full one! These growlers will last indefinitely until they are opened. Because it is an exchange, you must have a NW Peaks growler (they are not your standard, boring growlers), which you can purchase with your subscription.

Current pricing:

Growler of beer: $11 (2 free if you purchase 10 or more at once)

The growler itself: $20 (if you purchase more than 1 per month, the additional growlers are offered at no charge)

Sign up today!

Don’t miss any of the beers from NW Peaks Brewery!  Sign up today!

Join the mountainBeers

No Yes
(in months) **buy 10 get 2 free
a growler ‘deposit’ of $20.00 is also required. Waived for additional growlers for 6 months or more.
You must be 21 years of age to purchase or receive alcohol.
By continuing with this order and clicking *calculate* you verify that you are of legal drinking age.
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