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NW Peaks Base Camp is now closed; however the Bergschrund (located half a block South) is handling all retail operations, including pouring 12 NW Peaks brewery’s beers and assuming control of mountainBeer subscriptions. Please head on in to get a sampler tray, pint, or a NW Peaks growler fill.


Base Camp is CLOSED (see above); please check out the Bergschrund, a tavern featuring almost exclusively NW Peaks brews!

Upcoming Events:

Thurs throughout March: TAP NW Peaks supports Killer Whale Tales.


Updated on March 1, 2015
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    Thursday Appreciation Pints – April 2015

    TAP NW Peaks

    April Thursday Appreciation Pints benefits: Killer Whale Tales – Environmental science through storytelling.

    Money raised through the Thursday Appreciation Pints program will go to Killer Whale Tales.  Click here to donate independent from Thursday Appreciation Pints.

    Killer Whale Tales gave us an overview of what they do:

    Killer Whale Tales is an environmental education nonprofit that combines science and storytelling about northwest killer whales to get kids excited about environmental stewardship. Our program reaches 10,000 kids each year, bringing needed science-based education into the classroom at no cost to the school. Kids learn the history and biology of NW killer whales, identify whales by their fins, listen to orca calls, and learn how they can help protect these animals through simple changes to their everyday lives.

    When asked how the general public can contribute to what they are doing:

    Donations, subscribing to email newsletter, sharing our program with teachers.

    … and how can the general consumer contact you?

    We can be contacted by:

    Phone: 206.932.6722

    Email: admin@killerwhaletales.org

    Facebook: Killer Whale Tales

    Twitter: @KWTales

    Join us at The Bergschrund every Thursday in April to help support this great organization!

    Logo 2011

    Alta Oatmeal Pale

    View from Alta summit.

    View from Alta summit.

    The name. The mountain.  Standing at ~6150ft, Alta is a great summer time climb. Combining the “short” 12 mile round trip and amazing views of Rainier, Glacier and many others, climbing Alta is a must.  I can be a long day hike or can be combined with an overnight stay and some relaxation at Racheal Lake, Rampart Lakes, or Lila Lake.

    The beer.  The Alta Oatmeal Pale is singled hopped with Pacific Jade hops from New Zealand, which contribute a touch of bitterness and aromas of citrus and melon. The beer is crisp, refreshing and quite sessionable at 4.0% ABV. To add a little more complexity, 50 pounds of Flaked oats were used, contributing to the silky smooth mouth-feel and creamy white head to this oatmeal pale ale.  ABV: 4.0%

    Esmeralda Ale

    Ingalls and the lovely Stuart from the summit.

    Ingalls and the lovely Stuart from the summit.

    The name. The mountain. Esmeralda is located in the Teanaway River drainage just S of Ingalls peak and SW of Mt Stuart – one of our favorite areas. It’s on the other side of the Teanaway River from its beastly neighbors and is a much easier approach/climb than that of it’s neighbors. The “class 2″ trek to the summit offers some great views of the massive Mt Stuart and the Stuart range and is part of a great loop for a day hike.

    The Beer. Esmeralda is one of our ‘adjunct’ beers for March. The adjuncts in Esmeralda are corn and molasses that create a unique character. The corn provides a nice sweetness and smoothness and complements the molasses notes. Esmeralda was fermented with an English ale yeast adding a smooth fruity flavor on top. With very little few hop notes, the slight grain sweetness and dark sugar properties are uniquely featured. ABV: 5.5%

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