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January mountainBeers – Cascadia Shale Ale and Kentucky Common

Breaking News:

NW Peaks Base Camp is now closed; however the Bergschrund (located half a block South) is handling all retail operations, including pouring 12 NW Peaks brewery’s beers and assuming control of mountainBeer subscriptions. Please head on in to get a sampler tray, pint, or a NW Peaks growler fill.  the Bergschrund:


Base Camp is CLOSED (see above); please check out the Bergschrund, a tavern featuring almost exclusively NW Peaks brews!

Upcoming Events:

Thurs throughout November: TAP NW Peaks supports University Beyond Bars


Updated on January 2, 2015
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    Kentucky Common

    The name. … The Beer Style. This beer has no mountain name, instead we’re using the unknown style for the description. The  Kentucky Common is a new style that is not well known or commonly produced. It gets its name from the high percentage of Corn in the malt bill similar to bourbons from Kentucky. Additionally, it is an low ABV beer that a common patron could afford. Hence the name Kentucky Common. While that is the general derivation, the style is also so ill-defined that it leaves a lot of interpretation for the brewer. Many Kentucky commons are slightly sour or have other attributes.

    The Beer. Corn grits make up 33% of the grains in the mash.  They give a distinct grainy, corn character to the the beer. … one that easily identified in a lighter beer (4.7%). As are many Kentucky commons, we let the mash acidify/sour for a day which also gives a bright tartness / sourness to the beer. With just enough hops added to the beer to add a supporting note, the corn and acidity are the featured flavors in the beer, a style that isn’t all that common, despite its name.

    ABV: 4.7%

    Cascadia Shale Ale


    Previously, we brewed Cascadia in Collaboration with Sounder at Heart, a community blog about the Seattle Sounders FC. We brewed the beer with Dave and tried to incorporate characteristics of the club and ‘beer in this area’ as a tribute to the football club. To commemorate the spectacular season the Sounders had and their historic run at the treble (which fell just short) we brewed this beer again. Not to mention, it was quite delicious. This is also what Dave originally said:

    The name. The team. Seattle Sounders FC are a soccer club with nearly forty years of history. Their first five seasons in MLS redefine what it means to be an expansion team. Trophies are uniquely attracted to Seattle Sounders FC. Now in their second version of a near black dark kits as their alternate league uniform the club rarely wears them. The Cascade Shale color is meant to be a symbol of the mountains that surround us every day. Being rarely worn, Shale is a perfect color to represent Sounder at Heart and NW Peaks as well. Both the site and the brewery do things a little bit differently than others in their space. Both are also uniquely Seattle.

    The Beer. Cascadian Dark Ales (or American-style India Dark Ales) carry the hop flavors of the Pacific Northwest, a hint of roast and/or chocolate. We brewed Cascadia Shale Ale using chocolate malt for flavor and black malt for some extra color. We added generous amounts of NW style hops throughout the boil creating a nice piney and citrus hop character complementing the creamy chocolate notes.  In honor of the Sounders foundation in 1974 this brew comes in measuring at 74 IBU, and of course bears the name and style that makes it uniquely a Seattle Sounders inspired beer.

    TAP NW Peaks – January 2015

    TAP NW Peaks

    January TAP NW Peaks benefits: University Beyond Bars – Freedom through education.

    Money raised through the Thursday Appreciation Pints program will go to University Beyond Bars. Click here to donate independent from TAP NW Peaks.

    University Beyond Bars gave us an overview of what they do:

    University Beyond Bars exists to address the social problems of violence, poverty, and wasted human potential by providing post-secondary education to incarcerated people in Washington State. We are particularly committed to providing access to higher education to people of color, who disproportionately make up the prison population. Our work reflects the twin goals of reducing recidivism by preparing prisoners to re-enter society as successful, productive members of their communities, and reducing prison violence by providing meaningful intellectual pursuits and hope to those who are serving time.

    When asked how the general public can contribute to what they are doing:

    There are volunteer opportunities for individuals to volunteer with us; visit here for full FAQ on volunteer opportunities. People are also able to contribute to our summer membership drive or through general donations.

    … and how can the general consumer contact you?

    We can be contacted by:

    Email:  info@universitybeyondbars.org

    Facebook: UniversityBeyondBars

    Twitter: UBBSeattle

    Join us every Thursday in January to help support this great organization!

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