NW Peaks Brewery


Easy Peak-an Nut Brown

Easy Peak is the high point on Easy Ridge, one of the most beautiful, easy going, completely back country experience in the N Cascades. The beer. Easy is a nut brown as the base – a medium bodied, malty brown with a nice nutty hop (and malt) character. Pecans and pie spices round out the beer, making it just like pecan pie in a glass.

Enchantment Ale, a saison

The mountain. The enchantments are a string of alpine lakes just outside of Leavenworth…. The beer. Enchantment ale is a saison, a style that is categorized as a ‘farmhouse ale….’ but these styles also have a nice fruity notes (apple and pear), with a slight perception of sweetness…

Kyes Kolsch

The mountain. Kyes Peak is a lesser known peak located in the Monte Cristo group… The beer. Our interpretation is light, refreshing, and contains some fruity notes from the yeast fermentation on top of a very bready backbone.

Vesper Bitter

The Name. Vesper is a lesser known peak out the mountain loop highway… The route takes you past Headlee pass en route to the summit. The beer. Vesper has a nice, light, bready mouthfeel that ends with a slight lingering bitterness…

Ingalls Ginger

Ingalls is situated at the end of the Teanaway river road rising out of headlight basin just south of Mt. Stuart. Each peak offers a different degree of difficulty; as such, it is a great location for everyone, with headlight basin being a gorgeous day hike / camping excursion… The Beer. Ingalls features a just-above-subtle ginger flavor and light hop bitterness on top of a backbone that is best described as a pale. A great refreshing beer that will surely be a hit for the ginger lovers and even for (most of the) ginger doubters.

Magic Brown

The mountain. Magic is situated right off of Cacade pass … one of the “must go to” areas of the N Cascades, with several options for continuing the trip, including over to Magic and it’s environs. The beer. Unlike the typical “brown,” we built this brown up to have some more residual malt character by adding some extra munich, caramunich, and other specialty malts, but keeping the overall alcohol content and roast character down.

Lichtenberg dunkelweizen

The mountain. Lichtenberg mountain is situated just off of the PCT overlooking Hwy 2 east of Steven’s pass. Lichtenberg rises from the shores of Lake Valhalla, a deservedly popular day hike or snowshoe destination… The Beer. We brewed this German style with the typical amounts of wheat and munich malts, and added a little chocolate malt to give it some color and add some darker essence…

Esmeralda Ale

The unique character in this beer comes from the addition of corn and molasses, A great beer with a unique sort of complexity. The story comes from the “tale of two experiences.” …our first batch with the new brewhouse was best described as a comedy of errors while our second time on the brewhouse went much smoother with no issues to report.

Stuart Stout

The mountain: Mt Stuart is the second tallest non-volcanic peak in WA and can be identified from nearly any high summit… The Beer. Stuart Stout a rich, full bodied, deeply roasty interpretation of the style. A fine beer to drink anytime, but best enjoyed in front of a fire on a cold rainy winter evening.

Sloan Stout

The mountain. Sloan Peak is a prominent-looking mountain situated all by itself just off the mountain loop “highway”. It’s a great, distinctive mountain that appears to be falling over, depending on your vantage… The Beer. We used the same yeast used to make Guinness and tried to mimic the water profile of Dublin, Ireland to create our own interpretation of a dry stout, a style that Guinness has made ever so popular…

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