NW Peaks Brewery

December 9 – Open Mic Night – Trip Reports

Have an adventure you want to share? What trips would you like to brag about, laugh about, commiserate with other adventurers? It’s your turn to share your stories of classic climbs, gorgeous scenery, and epic fails with friends family and beer lovers alike. We are asking participants to share their 5-15 minute trip reports in a visual format (powerpoint, photoviewer) which should include a description of the area/route/activity, photography along the way, and any other ridiculousness that gets the point across. Owner/brewer/climber Kevin Klein will kick off the evening at 7pm!

All ages, abilities, and activities are welcome to share and enjoy the adventures.

Want to share? Bring your pics/presentation on a flash drive. Please include a brief description of the location, route, activity, and skill level.

Send all inquiries to alison@thebergschrund.com