NW Peaks Brewery

Kentucky Common

The name. … The Beer Style. This beer has no mountain name, instead we’re using the unknown style for the description. The  Kentucky Common is a new style that is not well known or commonly produced. It gets its name from the high percentage of Corn in the malt bill similar to bourbons from Kentucky. Additionally, it is an low ABV beer that a common patron could afford. Hence the name Kentucky Common. While that is the general derivation, the style is also so ill-defined that it leaves a lot of interpretation for the brewer. Many Kentucky commons are slightly sour or have other attributes.

The Beer. Corn grits make up 33% of the grains in the mash.  They give a distinct grainy, corn character to the the beer. … one that easily identified in a lighter beer (4.7%). As are many Kentucky commons, we let the mash acidify/sour for a day which also gives a bright tartness / sourness to the beer. With just enough hops added to the beer to add a supporting note, the corn and acidity are the featured flavors in the beer, a style that isn’t all that common, despite its name.

ABV: 4.7%