NW Peaks Brewery

Limited amount “CDA” available on Friday

From time to time we throw together some small batches and do sort of a controlled experiment — something very typical of homebrewers and a way to really learn how certain ingredients contribute to the flavor/qualities of a beer.

When these small batches are complete, we’re going to sell them at base camp for you to learn as well.  The first offering will be this Friday.

The beer:  A dark, slightly bitter beer (akin to the way we all feel about the changing weather).  The closest style would be “CDA” but the beer doesn’t fit exactly into that style.

The experiment: We fermented the same exact beer with 2 different yeast strains.  The first a low flavor american ale yeast, and the second a Belgian wheat yeast.

The format: Come to base camp and get a pint of each for $10 (i.e. $5 pints; while supplies last).  We’re only selling these as a pair while supplies last.